Amnesty Solicitors has a reputation for their litigation work. 


We have now extended our litigation department to advise on all types of civil claims and disputes, such as breach of contract, trusts of land claims, and general commercial disputes. We understand that disputes with third parties can be quite worrying and stressful, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the legal procedures, and so we are on hand to step in at any point during the process, when you decide that it is time to take legal action to right any wrong you feel you have suffered.

We will offer you litigation expertise and know how to enable you to fight your case.  

We pride ourselves on being able to represent people just like you on the full spectrum of civil litiation, whether it be utilising dispute resolution, such as negiotiating settlements or issuing fomal legal proceedings.

Whatever you need help with we are at hand to advise you on the merits of your claim and discuss your options.

Contact us now for a consultation.