Personal Immigration

Amnesty Solicitors has a reputation for its personal immigration work. 


We understand that the UK has a rich wonderful vibrant inclusive culture and is welcoming of immigrants. We also understand that the UKVI are not so welcoming and have no hesitation to putting obstacles in your way by constantly changing the convoluted immigration rules and expensive applications to make your entry into the UK (or extension of stay within the UK) as troublesome as possible.

We know that you have loved ones in the UK that need you financially and emotionally. We know that any refusal of entry or extension can devastate lives.


Failure is not an option. 

We can secure your status in the UK as stress free and efficiently and as speedily as possible, minimising the risk of a refusal by the UKVI.

We pride ourselves on being able to represent people just like you on the full spectrum of immigration applications from asylum applications and student and workers right through to appeals against adverse decisions already made and judicial reviews.  

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